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Better Substitute

Most people know that cigarettes are bad for your health and can cause a variety of illnesses to your body. The problem is that cigarettes are so addictive that it is a hard habit to quit. An electronic device, known as an E-cig, was invented in the mid-2000’s and it was designed to help nicotine users with a substitute solution.

When you use this product, you can also decide if you want nicotine or non-nicotine solutions placed inside your vapor device depending on what your preferences are. The new trend of vaping is so popular in this generation that it is widely-known and used all around the world.

The History of Vaping

Even though electronic cigarettes or E-cigs have recently been invented, the art of vaping has gone back many generations through different techniques used to vape. You may have seen other types of smoking devices used such as shishas, hookahs, bongs, etc. Nicotine has long been in high demand and used in different ways besides from vaping or smoking. This factor also lead to the creation of E-cigarettes.

What is an E-Cig?

An electric cigarette is a battery-operated handheld device that can vaporize E-solutions. Unlike bongs or hookahs, electronic cigarettes can either be as large as the inside of your palm or as slim as a ball pen. There are several varieties of E-cig brands on the market, the top being V2 Electronic Cigarettes.

You can start off by purchasing a basic starter kit and later on, an advanced kit. Solutions are usually flavored and can be enhanced through solution enhancers to provide the best vaping experience. You can also choose the quantity of nicotine that you will intake. The difference between cigarettes and E-cigs is that you will know what you are inhaling into your body.


One of the top reasons why people are diagnosed with cancer is because of the second-hand smoke they inhale from cigarette smokers. Studies have shown that E-cigarettes do not release second-hand smoke that is harmful to the public.

The smoke from an E-cig has been tested and verified so that it is not harmful to the environment or causes air pollution. It is also known to have a sweet fragrance. The device is also reusable and rechargeable and lessens the high risk of tobacco products polluting the earth. Since E-cigs do not require fire like a lighter or matches, this will also help with the prevention of disasters and other accidents that are associated with cigarettes.

Precautions in Using E-cigs

It is important that you understand the right procedures to take when using an electronic cigarette. For your safety, your salesman should explain to you the proper way to use your E-cig and give you guidelines for maintaining your device. You should not put any other substances inside your device that is not manufactured for vaping. If you follow the simple instructions given, you will have a hassle-free experience when using your electronic cigarette.

Save More Money with E-cigs

Saving money is essential for today’s generation since prices are always going up. The cost of tobacco and other nicotine products have skyrocketed in the past decade. Save yourself the trouble by using E-cigs which is reusable, and you will only be required to buy E-solution products.

If you are looking for cheap but great deals, you can check out a site called Vaporfi. They offer several brands and give discounts on vaping kits, solutions, and vape mods. You can also get special deals on V2 products with a V2 cigs coupon code at vaporpromocode.com.

Vaping Trends and Tricks

The amazing thing about E-cigs is that you can also enjoy it with your friends or loved ones. A new trend called cloud chasing is hitting social media, and it is surprising the vapor community with what can be done with vaporized smoke. Cloud chasing is where vapers will try to make the biggest smoke cloud possible. There are even competitions for this kind of trend, but it should only be done by vapers who know what they are doing because this can be dangerous.

Two other types of trends that are circulating on the Internet are vape events and vape modifying. Vape events are where vapers and vape vendors can get together to show off tricks and talk about the latest products on the market. These events are perfect for getting to know other people who will share your interest in vaping. The trend of vape modifying is where vapers modify a plain E-cig and create one-of-a-kind devices that are unique and self-expressing.

E-cigs for A Better World

Vaping will take over and change the world for better because it is eco-friendly. Electronic cigarettes are the latest technology on the nicotine market and have been proven to be safe. By making a transition from cigarettes to vaping, you can save yourself and others around you from unnecessary health risks. E-cigs are the best option for you to live a healthier life and still provide you with the same effect of a cigarette.